Troop 356 Takes Second Place Overall at Cracker Trail

February 28 – March 1, 2020

Troop 356 participated in Gulfstream Council’s Cracker Trail event with the theme of “The Milkmen”. The artwork for the wagon was designed by ASPL Daniel Bonadeo. The 8 scouts who participated in the challenge were: Cameron Spenser (SPL), Drake Scott, Joshua Nardone, Benjamin Price, Logan Kosmos, Jonan Swindle, Asiel Wertheimer, and one of our newest scouts, Jackson Desmit. The adult leaders were Mr. Werthheimer and Mr. Swann. Mr. Spenser helped with the transportation of the troop trailer to the event.

The Cracker Trail is a scout skills camporee based on the historical Cracker Trail in Northern Florida.  The scouts traveled pulling their wagon of supplies to each town on the Cracker Trail where they were tested on scouting skills.  They earned points as they showed off their skills and earned “nuggets” as they showed off their scout spirit. Some of the towns included tomahawk throwing, fire building, GPS tracking, cooking, camping, scouting heritage, leave no trace, campfire skits, and shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, archery). In addition, the scouts are scored on their wagon design, their teamwork and scout spirit, and a timed wagon race.

From 9:00 AM – 4:00 pm, they traveled between 11 towns including being scored for the lunch they created. We probably will not do Chicken in a cream sauce in the future which was burned so badly they could not get it clean off the pan.. From 4:30 – 5:30, was the timed wagon race. Luckily, Joshua Nardone did not have to ride in the wagon this year. We were pretty confident we were the fastest until the last team showed up and set a course record. The barbecue dinner was light years better then the beef stew from the previous year.

The evening wrapped up with the awards campfire. The Milkmen earned over 150 nuggets to bid on prizes and ended up with 88 bags of various spicy potato chips and 20 bars of chocolate. More importantly, Troop 356 won several awards including:

  • First Place – Shooting Sports (Shotgun, Rifle, Archery)
  • Second Place – Leave No Trace
  • Third Place – Scouting Heritage

Cameron and Jackson hit every target for shotgun, Ben and Jonan did rifle and Jonan got 9 out of 10 targets, and Drake and Logan did archery and Logan had two bulls eyes. Asiel and Joshua handled the testing for the parts of the shotgun and rifle. Getting first place was literally a team effort. The Milkmen were looking great at cooking where they made banana boats in the campfire. Unfortunately, they started pouring the chocolate syrup directly into their mouths which caused them to lose big points for cooking safety and campfire etiquette.

On Sunday, Logan was selected to be the Troop Chaplain and participated in the Sunday morning service. At that service, we learned that the Milkmen took 2nd place overall for the Cracker Trail Competition.

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